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Ask YOUR question! Check out Bitcoin StackExchange! See if your questions are among the 8,+ queries already answered. If not, don’t be afraid to ask! Frequently Asked Questions. Find answers to recurring questions and myths about Bitcoin. Table of contents. You use the Bitcoin payment system to send bitcoins as currency from. The Best Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies We hear a lot of people ask basic questions about Bitcoin and blockchain technology, so we’ve compiled a list of answers. Understanding cryptocurrencies is a steep learning curve. Bitcoins cannot be counterfeited or debased — only a finite amount of bitcoins can ever be created. Bitcoin can be an anonymous form of payment if certain precautions are taken. Is Bitcoin legal? This is dependent on jurisdiction, but to date, no government has passed any law that makes Bitcoin or cryptocurrency stravolti.itted Reading Time: 8 mins. 10/09/ · 12 questions you’re too embarrassed to ask about Bitcoin 1. How much is it worth? Bitcoin peaked in price the week of December 16, , when it was trading at $19, per 2. What is a Bitcoin? Usually this is the first question someone asks, but lately, it’s been all Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

Bitcoin has become quite a popular means of exchange on the Internet. This question is kind of tough to answer, considering the complex algorithms it uses to generate new units of the currency and the significant decentralization of the currency itself. Rather, you are curious about how safe Bitcoin is. Its method is tried and true. If you attach weak passwords to your wallet, expect mayhem at some point in the future.

Bitcoin itself may be impermeable to attacks because of its decentralized nature, but your wallet falls entirely in your hands. I came across an article about a Trojan Horse that forces computers to mine Bitcoins for the hacker that infects them. The economic cycle continues whether or not the system was exploited. Your wallet is an entirely different story. The long answer: It depends on what you mean by government intervention.

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Understanding cryptocurrencies is a steep learning curve. They introduce a wide range of terms and require the ability to separate truth from opinion. Whether or not Bitcoin has intrinsic value will depend on people across the entire world. Although there are several major players, like mining pools in China that have a huge impact on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency is not owned or operated by any company, state or country.

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. It introduced blockchain technology. It allows people without bank accounts to make transactions. In countries with hyperinflation, Bitcoin has become a viable payment method. Bitcoin can also move fluidly across borders without intermediaries. Unlike fiat currency that needs to get converted from USD to euros to yen, Bitcoin is just Bitcoin.

bitcoin questions to ask

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This post was originally published on Yahoo Finance on December 18, Yahoo Finance invited readers to send us their top questions regarding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Ethan Wolff-Mann and Julia LaRoche contributed as well. What the hell is it? In the most general sense, bitcoin is software that forms a decentralized, peer-to-peer payment system with no central authority like the Federal Reserve or U.

Maybe a big profit. And maybe a big loss. What backs or supports it? At the current rate, it would take him about 1, years to mine one complete bitcoin. That gives you a sense of how complex it is to mine bitcoin, and how much processing power it takes: These computerized mining rigs throw off so much energy that they can heat your home. Blockchain as a technology has become popular among banks and other big financial institutions, who want to use it to settle payments on their back-end systems.

What is there to value? But in reality, investors mostly see bitcoin as a commodity because of its finite supply.

bitcoin questions to ask

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Every industry has its stupid questions that professionals are asked about by those who know nothing about it. Cryptocurrency industry is not an exception. As people want to learn more, questions are not avoided. Others fear or are afraid of asking questions thinking they are going to ask stupid things. We bring stupid questions people always ask. People always ask these questions whenever they hear about Bitcoin.

The person or company behind Bitcoin is called Satoshi Nakamoto. However, Satoshi has never come out publicly such that people can have a look at him. This keeps the public wanting to know who really controls Bitcoin and what that person looks like. There are numerous theories about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. The most popular personality is Craig Wright who claimed to be Satoshi himself.

However, the community was not convinced by the argument, and Wright got himself widely famous as Faketoshi.

bitcoin questions to ask

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Bitcoin has been around since It’s been in the news almost non-stop since its sudden rise at the end of And yet for people who aren’t involved in the world of cryptocurrencies every day, it can still be a bit of a mystery. Here are five questions about Bitcoin that you always wanted to ask but were afraid to bring up:. In theory. In practice, not so much at the moment.

Sure, Bitcoin is supposed to be a currency. It was designed to act as a kind of online dollar that made buying goods and services online cheap, fast and reliable anywhere in the world. It hasn’t quite worked out that way–at least not yet. The problem is that when the value of Bitcoin can rise or fall a dozen percentage points in a day, it’s too unreliable for sellers to accept and buyers to offer.

Outlets like Steam that were among the first to accept Bitcoin have pulled out, citing rising transfer costs, slow confirmations and changing prices.

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Do I have to buy a whole Bitcoin? No. You can buy, sell and trade fractions of a Bitcoin. Some people call these fractions “Satoshis”. What’s with the QR codes that accept Bitcoin? These are addresses. When you scan a QR code, it will reveal a unique stravolti.itted Reading Time: 8 mins. Bitcoin, bitcoin faq, bitcoin faqs, bitcoin frequently asked questions, bitcoin questions, crypto faq. 27 Beginner Bitcoin FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions: Basics Explained. Written by Ivan on Tech. Aug 12, If you’ve stumbled across this page in search of answers around Bitcoin, welcome! There is a lot we can teach you. Ivan on Tech Academy provides Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto education, .

There is a lot we can teach you. Ivan on Tech Academy provides Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto education , and can answer all your Bitcoin FAQs through a variety of different learning techniques including videos, quizzes, and research. For this post, we have collated questions about cryptocurrency and answered the most frequently asked by beginners, to help you get started on your journey.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, often referred to as a virtual currency or digital currency, used as a method of exchange or store of wealth. On a very basic level, it is a piece of code. There are no physical coins to speak of, rather, there are UTXOs unspent transaction outputs that make up the balance in your wallet. Bitcoin was created following the financial crash of as a solution to government and central bank manipulation of money and the economy.

Over the years there have been several failed attempts at creating a digital currency or cryptocurrency. This proved a success! In we saw Digicash, however, due to over-rapid expansion, the company filed bankruptcy in , the same year that PayPal was launched as the first digital currency peer-to-peer online payment company. PayPal has since gone from strength to strength.

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